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Three Designed Websites- Typography

The British Museum

In honor of studying in the UK, the first website is for The British Museum in London. This website showcases two types of typography- serif for the title and sans-serif for the body of the page. The use of a serif font for the title gives it a sophisticated classic look, as well as a bit of artistic flair, which matches the atmosphere of a museum. Using sans-serif for the remainder of the page allows the viewer to read each detail and announcement clearly and quickly, which provides an easy user experience.

Hobbs London- Clothing Brand

Hobbs London is a clothing store that is meant to showcase a mix of beauty and professionalism. The typography used on their website does just this, with using a mix of serif and sans-serif for the title of the site and just sans-serif for the body of the pages. The mix of typography in the title is a simple, yet intentional choice. The name of the store is in serif to showcase the mix of style and professionalism of the clothing line, but the word London underneath is in sans-serif for it to standout and showcase to the viewer that it is the UK branch of the store they are witnessing.

The use of sans-serif for the body of the page, including the names of different clothing items and their descriptions, allows the viewer to read them clearly and easily. This helps provide customers with a quicker shopping experience.

Six- West End Musical

Last but certainly not least is the website for the West End musical, Six. The site uses two font styles- serif for the title and sans-serif for the body text of the page. Serif is used for the title of the show because it’s meant to be bold, striking, and have flair, just like the musical itself. The only difference with this is that the dot of the “I” in the show’s name is designed in the shape of a crown to further give context to what the production is about, which is the six wives of Henry VIII.

The sans-serif used in the body of the website helps guide the viewer to read about the show and purchase tickets. The font itself is also displayed in either white or gold colors to stand out against the purple background. The choice of colors for the site is another nod to the six wives, who were each queens of England. Both purple and gold are known to be colors representing royalty.

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