Three Designed Objects

Toothbrush Case

 Pink Toothbrush Case The design of this toothbrush case is simple yet effective. Although it stands at no more than two inches tall, it is easily able to cover the area of the toothbrush that goes into a person’s mouth, protecting them from germs. It is made out of a soft plastic material, which allows the toothbrush to easily bypass the stopper at the entrance of the case with minimal force. The stopper at the opening also helps keep the case stable and enclosed on the toothbrush. In addition, the softness of the plastic also makes the case easy to clean since the stopper at the entrance can bend in different directions without breaking.

The sides of the case have a risen ridged surface all around, allowing the person to grasp onto it even if it gets wet. The pink color of the case allows the person to identify it easily, even though the item is small in scale. A tiny size for the case is helpful and preferable. It is not too bulky, making it easy to store in the home and to pack while traveling. The shape is also important. It is wider at the base to make room for the toothbrush, but the case gets thinner at the top to keep the toothbrush from moving around and picking up more germs. Overall, the construction of this basic tool, necessary in everyday use, is designed well because it is easy to use.