Three Designed Objects

Shampoo & Conditioner

Pink shampoo and conditioner bottles When purchasing this set of shampoo and conditioner, I did something that one should never do. I bought it because of the way the bottles looked. I was drawn to their simplistic shape, as well as their calming and pretty color. Luckily for me the product works well with my hair, but that was just a side thought when I found the Monday brand at my local Target. The design is clever because their logo is engraved in the plastic bottle, allowing it to stay there indefinitely. The indentations of the logo also make it easier to pic up the containers when they are wet. The hand can get a better grasp on them. Although the words "shampoo" and "conditioner" are painted on the front of each bottle, an "S" and "C" are also engraved on the top of the correct nozzle so you don’t have to worry about getting them confused if the paint comes off the front. The top of the nozzles also have an arrow engraved as well, telling you which direction to turn the nozzle to open the product correctly. The bottles are made out of a light plastic, so they do not add to the weight. The material is also soft, so if needed I can remove the nozzle and squeeze the product out if it’s running low.

As mentioned earlier in the post, the color is what caught my eye first. It’s pink, but aesthetically it’s a shade of pastel pink that seems to be very popular right now. Having the product be this color eliminates the need for unnecessary or overwhelming design choices. Not only is this set of shampoo and conditioner appealing to look at, it is also very functional and easy to use.