Three Designed Objects

Toothpaste Containter

Blue and green toothpaste container Toothpaste is an item we all use everyday, multiple times a day, until the last drop has been taken and we need to buy a new one. But we don’t always think about why we’re able to extract it out of the tube so easily and how quick the action of putting it onto the toothbrush is. The design of a tube of toothpaste is simplistic but ingenious. The example I’m using is my own container of Crest mint toothpaste. The actual tube of the toothpaste container is the most important part of what makes the extraction so easy. The plastic material it’s made out of is soft and is very easily bendable. This allows us to squeeze the toothpaste out with as much force as is necessary. And when there is only a minimal amount of paste left the tube can even be rolled so that the last bit at the bottom can make its way out. A material like this helps us use all of the product and stops us from wasting any of it.

The design of the nozzle at the top of the tube is made of a more structured plastic and is thinner than the rest of the tube so that the paste can come out in a controlled manner. This again helps with waste management so that we can put the correct amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush. The outside of the nozzle at the top of the container has risen hoop-like edges so that the cap can easily fit back on. The cap itself also has rigid edges, but this is so we can easily grip and twist it back on the nozzle. Color is also important with toothpaste containers. The flavor is mint, so the blue mixed with a mint green color on the tube is important so people know what they’re buying without having to look at the fine print on the box. Toothpaste is an item we use each day without thinking, but the design is so well done that it is universally used by most brands.