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3 Good Websites


Ivy Chen is a website that is a beautiful blend of an artist’s passion for graphic design and fashion. The website hosts both Ivy’s fashion brand, as well as her most recent illustrations. In her “About Me” section of the site, she describes how she is drawn to the fluidity of lines and form. She takes this inspiration and has created something unique for her website. Ivy implemented parallax scrolling onto her site’s homepage, allowing the next category to seamlessly blend into the one before as you continue to scroll, while the page itself stays still. This is a feature that I do not often see on websites, and what makes hers stand out to me as a good website. It is creative while still being simplistic and easy to use. Although a lot of information seems to be on just one page, it is still fast moving and does not bog down the site. The feature itself is a big focal point of the website, but Ivy does not use it in excess. All of her other pages feature normal scrolling, which allows the viewer the opportunity to see her styles and artwork as individual components rather than having them blend together. This website’s attractiveness is in its simplicity.

Cosmic Peach Tattoo

As someone who has a deep interest in tattoos and has a few herself, I am always happy to come across a website from the tattoo world that has a straightforward layout and a thoughtful design. Cosmic Peach Tattoo is a beauty and tattoo company mixed together. They provide cosmetic tattooing in the London area. The company has a website that draws you in just from the color scheme alone. Their environment is meant to make the customer feel safe, hygienic, and at ease. The colors on this website do just that. On their homepage they use a calming shade of lilac blended together with a light tone of orange that puts the viewer in a relaxing mood, showing that this is not meant to be a fearful process. The colors physically move on the homepage while blending together, also symbolizing the transformation that their services will provide to the customer. In addition to the colors, their website is easy to navigate, with each page clearly labeled. The site also has quick loading times and provides all of the necessary information required on each page. Not only do they showcase their work, but they take you through step by step on booking, they provide the customer with aftercare instructions, they clearly showcase their prices, and they provide real customer testimonials. I know this website is good because it makes me want to book an appointment.

Wood Green

Wood Green animal shelter has a show on HBO Max, which is where I discovered them for the first time. Although I cannot currently provide for a pet at this juncture in my life, it did not stop me from going straight to their website to look at all of the dogs they had. While glancing at the site, I noticed how simple and clean it looked. Their homepage is very clear, and has all of their tabs listed on the top of the page, making it easy to navigate. They also make it simple for someone like me, who just wanted to look at pictures of the animals they currently had. This section is present right on the homepage, where there’s a filter to narrow down the search to exactly what you’re looking for. Another aspect of the website that caught my eye was their logo. It is a simple design of arms hugging a dog, using the company colors. The colors are white and green, and they used the negative white space to make the arms, and the filled in green space to make the dog. It is a cute and simple design that shows how much they care for the animals, as well as how much they want them to go to loving homes. The functionality of the website is great, and the loading times are very quick. With their artistic design, feature design, and great functionality, Wood Green has a very good website.

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